Thursday, May 12, 2005

Why I slapped the KTN journalist

The truth of the matter is I am into S&M. I like whips and mbondages. In fact I have a private dungeon in State House. My Husmband roves ngetting whipped on his thuthas. he rikes me to whip him with a nyaunyo made of rumber. He roves to scream ngo sharity ngo sharity!! hander!! Hander!! Ngiru!

So when I saw the KTN journalist, the sexual tensions where too much and I had to ndo something. so that is the true story. I am into Bondage.
Na hiyo ndio ukweri!!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Ndiop party that I interrupted

yesterday the outngoing ndirector of the waod bank ndecnded to throw an irreego muratina party at my house. I cannot stand for such nonsense from people who think my ngoverment is vomiting on their shoes.

First of all the pary ndid not have any shavashi or mukimo and they hand people like Eric Wainaina who shood be deported from Kenya and go to a ndifferent country rike Kisumu. Then you have that Hairless witch, mercy Myra who is married to a mukora according to my mbook.

Mr Ndiop was disturbing the peace which is irreego. Then he tried to stand up to me. I tood him just rike I should.."No man in Kenya has dared talk back to me. period" Kweri anafikiria Muthaiga is Korogosho. I am very upset at this man because he refused my sexual advance. I am the first rendi.
by the way my husband was asreep.